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Private Aircraft Management

A personalized approach to jet management.

An Option that is Right for You
Wings Management Company, LLC offers multiple aircraft management services. We offer a Charter Aircraft Management program where you maintain the operation of your aircraft and we offer you charter opportunities during your aircraft's idle time (by putting your aircraft on our charter certificate).

Additionally, we offer a Turnkey Aircraft Management program where we take care of all the day-to-day responsibility and management of your aircraft -- with the added option of having us turn your asset into revenue by chartering your private jet when you're not using it.

Unmatched Charter Revenue Potential

Every hour that your jet spends on the ground it could be generating revenue. If your aircraft is less than fully utilized, we may be able to offer you more charter opportunities, because our demand is greater! Operating under our charter certificate, 26 of our managed aircraft have generated more than $1,000,000 each in charter revenue in one year.

Exclusive Cost Efficiencies

By joining forces with one of the best business jet fleets in the world, you can save tens of thousands of dollars every year. Fuel discounts, alone, can save the owner of a midsize aircraft $20,000 to $25,000 per year. Additional fleet discounts with insurance carriers, maintenance providers and simulator-based training leaders are also passed on to the aircraft owner.

Reliable, Financial Strength
We provide unwavering stability as a trustworthy, long-term partner. You can rely on us to invest in and maintain the highest standards in equipment, safety and security.


Impeccable Safety Record

We have flown numerous miles flights annually with aircraft operation worldwide and have maintained an impeccable safety record. Additionally, our pilots are highly experienced and well trained. We require all of our pilots to have an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) license and a minimum of 3,500 flight hours for captains and 2,500 flight hours for first officers -- and all our pilots must exceed the training standards set by the FAA for charter flights.

Personal Account Team

Our clients are assigned a personal Account Team led by a single point of contact, with a dedicated customer service specialist available 24/7. This team also includes technical experts from fleet maintenance, operations and accounting -- all working in unison with your interests in mind.


Your Asset Maintained at Peak Level

Under our Turnkey Aircraft Management program, your aircraft will be maintained to its utmost, peak performance level. Every aircraft that we allow on our affiliate's certificate must pass a rigorous conformity transition process and once a part of our fleet, is maintained to the strictest of standards. Our Charter-Managed Aircraft, while not maintained by Wings Management Company, are held to the same conformity transition process. In addition, all aircraft must pass annual, random safety audits by our Standards and Security Department so you'll be confident that your aircraft is always flying at its peak performance level.

Aircraft Management That Puts Your Best Interests First

Every decision that we make regarding your aircraft puts your best interests first. Whether it is an aircraft part being purchased, a pilot hired or a charter flight being scheduled on your aircraft -- the decision is carefully evaluated to maximize the benefit to you.

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